Tips to Arrange and Design Nursery

Tips to arrange and design nursery

For parents, waiting for the baby to be born is a coveted moment. Long before your baby is born, it’s good to prepare all their needs. One of them is the nursery room. Not only interior arrangement, knick-knacks, furniture are things that must be prepared. Perhaps the first thing to determine is the theme of the nursery. However, baby room design is not as simple as just a theme to what toys to buy. So that you are not confused about what to prepare, here we have summarized some of the tips to arrange and design nursery.

Here are tips for safe & comfortable baby room design that parents can apply to make their dream baby room a reality.

1. Choose a baby cot that is comfortable and safe

Rattan baby bed cot
Rattan baby bed cot

Baby cot is the main item and must be in the nursery. We recommend that you choose a baby cot with a divider around it, to keep your baby from falling while sleeping. This can also make it easier for parents to monitor their children.

Baby cots come in many shapes and variations, both in terms of materials and prices. Make sure the bed you choose for the nursery is made of quality materials and safe to use. You should avoid cribs that have sharp edges and doors that can be opened from the side. You also have to pay attention to the use of paint used. Make sure the paint is selected that is non-toxic and does not smell strong, safe for babies.

2. Mattresses and baby bedding

After choosing a baby bed, then choose a mattress and baby bedding. You have to make sure that the mattress for the baby’s cot is not too soft and not too hard for the baby’s sleep comfort. To complete it, you can choose a soft pillow and bumper that surrounds the baby crib. Pillows and bolsters should not overfill the bassinet because it is feared that they can obstruct the baby’s movement and cause respiratory danger if they fall on the baby’s sleep. For bedspreads, choose one that is easy to install and easy to tidy up. Do not choose blankets that are not too thick.

3. Changing Table

Changing table makes it easy for parents to change their diapers. Many parents think that changing diapers can be done in bed, but this is wrong. So that the bed will be dirty, full of germs from the baby’s diaper, which makes the baby’s bed dirty. The changing table can also be used as a storage area for items such as to put diapers and other items. It is enough to buy a high table with storage drawers for storing diapers, then place a small mattress for your little one to lie on while changing the diaper.

4. Baby wardrobe

Rattan Small Cabinet
Rattan Small Wardrobe

Babies also need a special place to store all their clothes and necessities in the nursery, just like adults. In buying a wardrobe for storing baby clothes, make sure that you have planned well the storage capacity needed for the long term. We recommend choosing a wardrobe with several shelves, so you can store baby clothes according to the category. You can also add a basket to put your little one’s toys. Baby items are more neatly arranged with a storage cabinet and the room will look neat.

5. Air Circulation and Light

In designing a baby’s bedroom, air circulation and light should also be taken into consideration by parents. Good air circulation can replace dirty indoor air with clean air from outside. Natural sunlight will also be much healthier and good for your baby. However, make sure that air and light sources such as windows or vents are flexible which can be locked and closed when not in use to keep the nursery sterile at certain times.

6. Lights

In general, the lights used for a room are lights that are mounted on the ceiling. However, in a good nursery design, Moms can consider placing a light on the wall of the room so that babies whose activities are still lying down a lot can avoid staring at the glare from above which is not good for the development of the baby’s vision.

7.  Basket

In addition to a wardrobe for storing clothes, it’s a good idea to prepare several baskets for putting dirty clothes. Because babies can produce a lot of dirty clothes a day, and with this basket the parents will helped to put them down. Separate baskets for dry soiled clothes and wet soiled clothes.

8. Chairs for nursing mothers

Rattan Nursing Chair
Rattan Nursing Chair

A good baby room is not only for the needs of your little one, but also for the comfort of parents, especially mothers. Provide a comfortable sofa chair that will make breastfeeding more flexible and comfortable. With a Mom Zone in the nursery, you will be able to spend time accompanying your little one without feeling bored.

9. Keep the room tidy

Cleanliness and tidiness of the nursery are very important things to note. The baby’s room must always be neat and clean because babies are very sensitive to many things. Only keep items that are needed and useful for babies. Do not put things that are not useful for babies and avoid items that can potentially harm your little one. With a tidy room, your baby will sleep more soundly and comfortably.

10. Color selection

Many people think, choosing colors in the nursery will develop the baby’s vision. This is not wrong. However, choosing a bright color will make the baby’s eyes tired quickly and this is not good for the baby’s vision. You can use soft colors and not too bright, such as sky blue, green, brown, pink, and pastel colors which can also be an alternative. Choose quality paint materials so that your little one’s safety in the baby’s room is even more perfect.

Designing a nursery is not difficult and requires expensive costs. If you can organize the baby’s room properly, you have succeeded in making a safe and comfortable baby room for your little one. To find a variety of needs for designing a nursery from a baby cot to a changing table to create a comfortable and safe baby room design, you can visit our product page.

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