Kids Furniture, Baby Furniture and Rattan Toys

Products – We have wide selection of kids furniture and baby furniture. Bring out nostalgic and trendy, childhood memories and expand your imagination friends with rattan doll chair with a retro look. Let your little one become an interior decorator for her doll’s house. Create a cosy space for the dolls to sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy the wonders of friendship. Rattan kids chair, to make your little one even more comfortable and add any cushion for extra homeyness. Our rattan baby bassinet, beautifully designed as a first nest for your precious newborn, will be a gorgeous centrepiece of any nursery. The Rattan Kids Bed Collection is a stunning way to add a natural touch to your little one’s room or play area. The popular rattan design makes this collection timeless.  Finished water-based coating, our furniture are non-toxic and safe. Our doll chair have a fit sized to place teddies and doll, firm with mattress add a additional comfort for you children when play. Rattan furniture requires little or no maintenance. There’s no need to clean or dust it, thus there are no further costs when acquiring this type of material.