Clothes Rack

Looking for something unique to hang those pretty timeless pieces instead of tucked away in the drawers? or maybe your looking for something to display all your dress ups this is the perfect piece for all your clothing needs. Introducing our clothes rack collection to add to our collection for your little ones. features large spacious cabinets and drawers, The perfect fit for your kids room, bed room. Designed to be able for unisex use, the perfect size to fit in small spots or to be the feature of the room. Lightweight and a great storage saver. We have wide selection of kids small cabinet, to store toys, book, and small stuff. As items are individually handmade with natural materials. Each piece is completely unique and crafted with care by artisans in Indonesia. Rattan furniture requires little or no maintenance. There’s no need to clean or dust it, thus there are no further costs when acquiring this type of material. Furthermore, your kids can live and play in a safe environment.