Kids Chair

Kids chairs help children become accustomed to sitting independently, learn good posture and table manners, and they offer children their own special place. We make rattan kids chair with a beautiful look and intricate accents in frame. Not only beautiful in kids room, it’s also stylish in any room in your home. Each chair is handmade by skill craft men so it’s unique. Made by eco-friendly materials, natural rattan, which sturdy and lightweight. We use water base system varnish, so its non-toxic and safe for children. With round and smooth edges it meets the highest safety standards for children. Styilsh addition to your indoor or outdoor space. Durable structure, beautiful and enduring. All of kids furniture have certified, that are safe for babies and children.  You will love the easy-to-clean top. We use water base system varnish, that are non-toxic and safe for children and baby.  Rattan furniture requires little or no maintenance. There’s no need to clean or dust it, thus there are no further costs when acquiring this type of material. Furthermore, your kids can live and play in a safe environment. If you have your own design of kids furniture, we also do custom design. We are welcome if you want to stock our kids furniture in your furniture store. Almost all of our models baby bassinet are the best selling item.