Tips to Choose Children’s Furniture

Tips to choose children's furniture

Choose to children’s furniture is fun thing, but also difficult. On the one hand we want to follow the wishes of the child, and on the other hand we also have to consider it in terms of security. In choose children’s furniture, the function remains a top priority, then decorative that can provide a pleasant experience.

We summarize some tips for choosing furniture for children:

1. Security comes first

Kids room furniture
Kids room furniture

In choosing furniture for children, safety is very important. First, don’t choose furniture with sharp angles. Because children have a sense of curiosity to explore the things that are around them. Not just the angle, but the whole inside of the furniture. Second, the strength or sturdiness of the furniture. In choosing a cupboard or table, you need to check first, whether the material used is sturdy. Because children often like to climb anything around them. And the third is, from the paint used for coloring furniture. We certainly like to choose furniture with attractive colors, but not only that, we have to consider whether the furniture paint used is non-toxic or chemicals that are harmful to children or not. One of the safe coloring systems for children’s furniture is a water-base system.

2. Natural furniture materials are good for children

Kids Chair Process
Kids Chair Process

Solid Wood is widely used to make children’s furniture. Besides being easy to find, wood is also sturdy and not easily brittle so it is safe for children. Apart from wood, rattan furniture is also become a trend today. Natural rattan also makes furniture that is good in quality, so it is good for children to use and you don’t need to be worry of the dangers that arise from this material if it is processed well enough. We recommend that you avoid furniture with metal or glass materials. Because the glass material is easy to crack, and of course it will be very dangerous for children.

3. Discuss with children when choosing furniture

Rattan Kids Furniture
Rattan Kids Chair

Children’s opinions are very important in choosing furniture. Let the child choose 4-5 items for their room, according to their wishes. This makes your child feel comfortable in his room. In addition to furniture, discuss the room decoration. For example, paint a child’s room color to their want. There are several colors to consider, light blue and beige to give a comfortable and calm impression, yellow and green to give a vibrant impression, pink color to give feminine vibe.

4. Adjust to the budget

Rattan Toys
Rattan Toys

In choosing children’s furniture, we must also consider the budget that we have previously budgeted for. Do not exceed the existing budget. Before choosing it, we must first make a budget plan. If you have a budget that is not too much, you can choose rattan furniture. Because furniture made of rattan is not too high price, but is very sturdy and strong in terms of construction. Especially now that there are many kinds of beautiful furniture designs.

5. Lighting

Rattan Kids Bed
Rattan Kids Bed

Apart from the furniture used in the child’s room, good lighting is also important thing. Because a child’s room is a place to play and also to study. For that, install at least 3 lights. Not only light from the lamp, light from the window is also good for children. In addition, we can also get air circulation from windows and vents.

Those are some tips for choosing good children’s furniture. Make sure that the comfort and safety of your child is the top priority. For maximum results, you can find thousands of other design inspirations and interior designs on the product pages on our website.

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