Rattan Toys

We have wide selection of rattan handmade toy. Our rattan toys are doll bed, doll crib, bassinet, cradle, dolls pram, wicker doll stroller, shoppig chart, doll house, baby play gym, horse rocking chair, tea set, coffee maker toy and more. Made of high quality materials, make it durable, and sturdy. It can be pass down the next generations. You can use for bhirtday gift, christmas gift and etc. It can be place in kids room and play room. All of rattan toys have certified, that are safe for babies and children. Finished water-based coating, our furniture are non-toxic and safe. Our furniture have a fit sized to place teddies and dolls, firm with mattress add a additional comfort for you children when play. We’ve been export our furniture to more tahn 60 countries in worldwide. If you have your own design, we also do custom design. We are ready to supply if you want to open furniture and home decor shop. Our best seller handmade toys are rattan doll bassinet and rattan doll pram.