How to Choose The Right Toys for Children?

How to choose a right toys for children

The children world, is a world of play. They thrive and grow by playing. However, playing is not only for fun, playing can also be a learning method, especially for children aged 0-5 years. By playing, children are able to hone their abilities, such as fine motor skills, gross motor skills, creativity, empathy, and even memory. In order for the benefits of playing to be more optimal, giving children toys that are right for their age is very important.

Currently, there are many toys available that have benefits for brain development and creativity. However, there are not a few toys that turn out to be bad for the development of children’s intelligence. You don’t need to be confused, we will share tips on how to choose the right toys for children:

1. Choose toys according to the child’s age

Children have abilities and understandings at every stage of their age. Therefore, you must choose toys according to their age, so they can play while learning comfortably.

2. Pay attention to the toy material

Wicker Rattan Toys
Wicker Rattan Toys

Before deciding to choose and buy a toy, you must pay attention to the toy material first. Is the toy material used is safe for children. Choose toy materials that can be recycled, such as natural rattan, wood, bamboo and others. Avoid toys that contain hazardous chemicals, such as low-quality plastic materials containing PVC and phthalates. You should also pay attention to the paint material used in the toy. Make sure the paint used is safe and non-toxic to children or babies. Another thing to note is that toys are easy to wash when dirty, to avoid the appearance of mold or dirt on the toys.

3. Durable and long lasting

It’s a good idea to choose a toy that is not only used for a short time. Besides being economical, you can also hone children’s abilities for a longer time. Currently, there are many toys that can be used for a long time. One of them is rattan toys such as doll pram, rocking horse, rocking ship, doll bed, baby playing gym and many more.

4. Foster creativity.

Abby Rattan Doll Pram
Abby Rattan Doll Pram

Good toys are toys that can foster children’s creativity, toys that are needed for the child’s growth and development process, toys that can increase children’s intelligence. For example: Rocking horse toys, lego’s, puzzles, block toys, etc.

5. Stimulate children’s imagination

Children have a lot of imagination. To stimulate their imagination, you can choose toys such as doll beds, doll baskets, doll strollers. Girls usually like to imagine playing house and playing with dolls and teddy bear. Envision themselves as mothers, and their dolls as babies.

That’s the tips to choose the right toys for your kids. However, of the many toys in this world, playing with parents is the most important thing. The moments of play and the presence of parents can be a means to strengthen bonding and togetherness. To see a large collection of safe and eco friendly toys, you can visit our rattan toy product page.

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