Kids Dressing Table

Rattan kids dressing table. What every girl wants. Her own dressing table with mirror, when playing dress-ups. Comes complete with a stool for all that make-up. Will be an amazing decoration of your beauty corner. The capacious drawers will fit all your accessories for beautification. Perfect for the bedroom as a dressing table. Kids dressing table can also be a work table where you can place your kids make up and accessories. The material we use is natural rattan, completely safe and non-toxic. There are no paints or varnishes used that are harmful to children. Natural rattan is an eco-friendly material that is lightweight yet durable. Rattan furniture requires little or no maintenance. There’s no need to clean or dust it, thus there are no further costs when acquiring this type of material. Furthermore, your kids can live and play in a safe environment. If you have your own design of kids furniture, we also do custom design. We are welcome if you want to stock our kids furniture in your furniture store. Almost all of our models baby bassinet are the best selling item.