Choose Toys According to The Child’s Age

Choose Toys according child's age

Toys are a medium that can help a child’s growth and development. However, parents need to pay attention to the types of toys that are appropriate for the child’s age.

So, why should toys be considered according to the child’s age?

Many parents ignore the age information on toy labels. Children who are able to choose the desired toy by themselves are usually influenced by the similarity of figures that are often seen on television and the internet. Meanwhile, parents are influenced by other things, for example the price of toys, discounted prices. Whereas giving toys to children that are not suitable for their age has bad consequences, for example there have been several cases of babies choking on toys because they tried to put them in their mouths. Therefore, parents must be wiser before buying toys for children. This is because young children have different understandings and abilities at each age stage. Providing children with educational toys according to their age is important to help hone their child’s cognitive and motor skills.

Types of toys that are appropriate for the child’s age

Children can enjoy their toys if parents provide them at the appropriate development stage. The following are some tips for parents when they want to provide and choose toys according to child’s age :

Children toys for 0-6 months of age

Toys with full color visual
Colourfull toys (source :

In this phase the baby’s senses of sight and hearing begin to develop. Babies have started to follow the motion of objects, and turn away when they hear a sound. Babies are also able to grasp, grab objects, and bite them. Toys that are suitable for this age are toys with striking colors and sounds. To stimulate the senses of sight and hearing.

Some of the educational toys for children at this age are:

  • Silicone rattle
  • Book made of cloth
  • Teether
  • Bouncer
  • Swing 
  • Rattle
  • Play Mate, etc

Make sure the toy is large enough and strong, so it is not easily broken, leaked and swallowed.

Children toys for 7-12 months old kids toys

Dolls for babies
Dolls for babies (source :

At this age, the baby’s gross motor skills have begun to develop. The baby has rolled over, crawled, sat, or stood up. Babies can also respond when called their name.

Toys that can be given to stimulate gross motor skills are:

  • toy cars
  • play gym
  • dolls
  • balls
  • cubes
  • ring stick

Kids toys for 1-2 years old

toys for kids 1-2 years
toys for kids 1-2 years (source :

Entering the early stages of toddler age, children’s motor skills have begun to stabilize. Children are actively walking, climbing stairs, running, jumping, talking and playing with other children.

Some of these age-appropriate toys are:

  • coloring books
  • colorful balls
  • story books made of thick material
  • toys that make sounds
  • musical instruments

Pretend games such as puppet stroller, toy car, telephone are also good for the development of their abilities.

Toys for children aged 2-3 years

Lisa Rattan Dolls Pram
Lisa Rattan Dolls Pram

At the age of 2-3 years, children’s abilities are increasing. He is able to speak with more vocabulary and clear pronunciation. physically the child becomes more active, the child likes to jump, hang, and climb. Children are also increasingly curious about new things they see. You can provide several types of games to support your little one’s growth and development.

Some of the toys that are suitable for this age are:

  • houses
  • large puzzles
  • simple stacking blocks
  • letter toys
  • animal-shaped rubber toys
  • music games.

At the age of 2-3 years, children are fond of role playing. So, household toys are very suitable to be given to children at this age. Not only that, animal toys can help develop your little one’s imagination. Children can also learn how to love, care for and treat animals well.

Toys for age 4 years and over

Kidang Rattan Rocking Horse
Kidang Rattan Rocking Horse

Toys that your little one needs at this age are those that can develop empathy, cooperation, and the desire to socialize with other people. Because at preschool age, children will meet many new people and must start learning to adapt to a new environment. Games that are suitable for children of this age are those that can increase creativity, role skills, and agility.

These toys can train children’s social and emotional abilities, so they can adapt well.

In addition to choose toys according to the child’s age, the best toy for children is playing with parents. Includes interaction and role-playing. Seeing the importance of playing with children, now is the time as parents to take time to play with children. So that your little one can explore and build children’s skills.

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