Tips for Choosing a Strong and Durable Child’s Bed

Tips for choosing bed for child and toddler

A child’s bed is furniture that parents should pay attention to, even though it was only used when they were children, don’t just choose. Because when used, there may be several problems that arise. What are the problems that have arisen? So, what are the solutions and tips for choosing a child’s bed? Here are some explanations :

Problems that arise when choosing the wrong child’s bed

In designing and arranging a minimalist children’s bedroom, the selection of furniture used must also be minimalist. However, quality should still be the main thing in choosing furniture. Because, if not, the following problems will arise :

1. The bed is not strong enough to withstand the weight of many children

Sometimes, there were many friends or relatives who visited the house. They played together in the room, up and down the bed. However, it will be a problem when you choose a product for one of these children’s furniture with poor quality. Worried that the bed will not be able to support the burden on the children’s friends, you finally have to forbid them to play in the child’s room. This of course will make your child feel uncomfortable, as well as his friends.

2. Not able to withstand the weight of the child

For some children, they are overweight. This of course will greatly affect the bed it uses. If you choose the bed carelessly, it may not be able to support the burden of the child himself. This will clearly endanger the safety of children.

Tips to choose a Childs’s bed that is strong and durable

One solution to the above problems is to choose furniture that is strong and safe. But how do you choose a bed for kids that is strong and awe? Here are a few tips for choosing child’s bed:

1. Choose from Strong Materials

Bed with strong material
Bed with strong material (source : pinterest)

In order to support heavy loads, make sure the bedding material that you choose is very strong. Remember, the day the child’s weight will increase. Not only that, as a parent you sometimes sleep on it to accompany your child. Or, when the children’s friends come, don’t worry about the bed being damaged because of the burden of so many children.

2. Not sharp edges

Curve Rattan Kids Bed
Curve Rattan Kids Bed

To maintain child safety, make sure the bed you choose does not have sharp edges. Delicate patterns and designs must be a priority for the safety of the baby while playing or doing activities on it.

3. Adjust the Size

Rattan Kids Bed
Adjust the size of bed

For a minimalist bedroom, you must be smarter in choosing a child’s bed. Choose a size that doesn’t make the room appear cramped. However, do not also choose a bed that is too small. Remember, a child is experiencing rapid growth. Choose a standard bed that roughly can still be used until adulthood.

4. Adjust the Height

Adjust the bed height
Adjust the bed height (source : pinterest)

The height of this bed is an important consideration. The height of this bed is calculated from both the floor and the border with the upper bed if a bunk bed is used. For children who are still toddlers, try to find a bed in a low position so that it is not dangerous when the child falls. If a bunk bed is used, choose one that has a considerable distance between the lower and upper bunk.

5. Choose according to the wishes of the child

Both color and model, make sure you adjust it to the taste of the child. Pastel colors are usually the pleasure of children. Meanwhile, a cute and fun model can also be an option. In this case, you must be clever in choosing it.

In choosing a bed for a child, whether a boy or a girl, the strength of the product to support weight is the main thing. To see a collection of children’s beds, please visit our product page.

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