Rattan Toys for Children – Handmade Toys Become Trends in Many Countries

Rattan Toys for children - popular handmade toys

Nowadays, many people prefer to have children’s toys made of plastic or other artificial materials. Why? One of the factors is the relatively more affordable price. We can see this in toy stores that sell more types of plastic toys. Not surprisingly, when people have toys that are damaged or worn they prefer to throw them away, and think it’s better to buy new ones.

This habit is certainly not good for those of us who will live a minimalist lifestyle in the middle of the family and how to educate children. In addition, it is also not environmentally friendly, because it adds to plastic waste, which is difficult to decompose. Therefore, today many parents in various countries teach their children to use wooden toys or natural rattan instead of plastic.

Why? Here are the benefits of rattan handmade toys for children :

1. High Value

High Value Rattan Toys
High Value Rattan Toys

An important feature of rattan toys is their high value. Both in terms of price and artistry. In this context, the value of rattan toys is higher than plastic. The high value of rattan toys because the material is made of natural materials, handmade with high skill, and goes through a slightly long process stage. However, learning is important, because the high value can make children take extra care of their toys.

2. Touch of Nature

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Handmade rattan toys

One of the most important points of rattan toys are natural. This is not man-made. That way, for parents, rattan toys can teach children to be closer to nature. In addition, rattan toys are considered to be more sustainable. Why? Because these types of toys won’t create trash. And the toys can be stored for a long time and passed on to the next generation.

3. More Artistic

Natural rattan toys for children
Artistic Value of rattan toys for children

Compared to other types of materials, rattan toys are more natural, classic and artsy. Why is it more artistic? If we look at rattan handicrafts, the majority look more beautiful because they are handmade. With this more beautiful value, we will also teach children about the appreciation of rattan toys.

After knowing some of the advantages of toys made of natural fibers, are you interested in buying toys made of rattan or wood? To see more types and models of rattan handmade toys for children, you can visit our product page.

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